Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Build your business with Google Apps (1)

"Simple is best", as a small business owner, all what I want is getting the job done in effective and efficient ways,  from my websitebusiness emailsblog and group calenders to the online survey, Google Adwords & Analytics, shared Google Driver......these days there are so many things we are able to do it anytime anywhere - with Google Apps

Gmail for business, makes it more professional as you are

I see so many small business owners using hotmail, yahoo or Gmail addresses as their business contact, I mean there is no problem to communicate with people by using email. But have you thought about what a proper business email does mean for your image? It makes you look way more professional. With Gmail for Business, rather than having a username@gmail.com email address, you can create company email addresses like username@yourcompany.com.au under Gmail account, for example my business partners and I we use username@neweacounting.com.au and we are able to access to our business email via iPhone/iPad/Andriod devices at anywhere and anytime through Gmail account. Gmail is designed to make you more productive, it giving you 25GB of storage means you never have to delete anything to keep your mailbox fit. Google powered search lets you find everything in your emails and labels and spam filters help you stay organised and secure. 

Gmail is not just message, it is about people too. In Gmail contact management, text, voice and video chats/conference let you keep in touch with people and connect instantly, it saves your time and money on unnecessary traveling and brings more productivity into your business.

Google Sites, enables you to create your own online presence. 
If you're looking to create a full featured eCommerce site or a website integrated with a database, the big examples like Amazon or Facebook. Google Sites is not for you. But if you wish to find a simple, fast and free tool to get your business online, Google Sites definitely should be on your short list. Google Sites is for publishing website. You could also build a company intranet which enables employees share the information within your organization, or you could publish a site for your project team to share information quickly and easily or you could publish a site for your sport team, family, or personal needs. 

Because Google Sites integrates data from other Google Apps into dynamic pages, you are able to insert Google Maps into web page which allows people easily find your business location, and you also are able to integrate spreadsheets, PDFs or data charts from Google Docs, a deadline schedule from Google Calendar. Another advantage is it allowing you to easily set permissions and create sites for different audiences, basically just by selecting a button you can let only certain individuals have access to the sites you create, make them accessible to all the people in your company, or make them public and accessible to everyone.

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